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The microwave spectra of cyclopropyl bromide Li, Hao


The microwave spectra of cyclopropyl bromide, C₃H₅Br, in its ground state, has been observed and analyzed in the frequency range 15-90 GHz. The spectra of two species were measured: C₃H₅⁷⁹Br and C₃H₅⁸¹Br. They contain strong a-type transitions and very weak c-type transitions which could not initially be assigned; all show Br quadrupole hyperfine structure with several large perturbations. A procedure specially developed for analysis of such spectra, which uses perturbations in the Br structure, was used to evaluate all the rotational constants accurately, as well as the Br quadrupole tensor, entirely from a-type R branch transitions. This has allowed some c-type transitions to be assigned. The principal values of the Br quadrupole tensor have been evaluated and have provided some information about the type of bonding involved in the C-Br bond.The centrifugal distortion constants have also been obtained.

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