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Ruthenium(II) Complexes of 2-Pyridylphosphines: Coordination Modes, Reactivity with Small Molecules, and Aqueous Chemistry Schutte, Richard Peter


Several ruthenium(II) 2-pyridylphosphine PPh3-[sub x]py[sub x] (PN[sub x], where x = 1, 2, 3 and Ph = phenyl group, py = 2-pyridyl group) complexes were synthesized and characterized. The use of the 2-pyridylphosphines was prompted by the potential of forming water soluble complexes, for use in olefin hydration catalysis (i.e., adding H₂O across a carboncarbon double bond). With ruthenium, the PN[sub x] ligands exhibited a variety of coordination modes, including coordination through the phosphorus only (P), the phosphorus and one pyridyl group (P,N), the phosphorus and two pyridyl groups (P,N,N'; PN₂ and PN₃ only), and through three pyridyl groups (N,N',N''; PN₃ only). Complexes synthesized were characterized in general by a combination of ³¹P{¹1H} NMR, ¹H NMR, IR, and UV-visible spectroscopies, as well as conductivity and elemental analysis, while four complexes were also characterized by X-ray crystallography. [. . . abstract continues]

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