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Solution H₂S Chemistry of Pd-bis(Diphenylphosphino)methane (DPM) complexes; catalytic conversion of H₂S to H₂ Wong, Terrance Yu Hung


This thesis describes studies on the interaction of H₂S with mono- and dinuclear Pd - dpm (bis(diphenylphosphino)methane) complexes with the ultimate goal being to catalyze the conversion of H₂S to H₂ and elemental sulfur (S₈). Solution kinetic and mechanistic studies were performed on the abstraction of sulfur from Pd₂X₂(µ-S)(µ-dpm)₂ [X = Cl (2a), Br (2b), I (2c)] using dpm to give, respectively, Pd₂X₂(dpm)₂ [X = Cl (1a), Br (1b), I (1c)] and dpm(S) (process 2 → 1): [More abstract follows which cannot be rendered here; please see pp.3+ of the accompanying pdf file].

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