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Aspects of NMR imaging and in vivo spectroscopy Talagala, Sardha Lalith


The work described in this thesis deals mainly with aspects related to two- and three-dimensional NMR imaging. A detailed discussion on frequency-selective excitation using amplitude modulated rf pulses in relation to slice selection in NMR imaging has been presented. This includes the analysis and implementation of the method as well as illustrative experimental results. Several radiofrequency probe designs suitable for high field NMR imaging have been experimentally evaluated and their modification and construction are also described. The comparative results obtained indicate the merits and demerits of different designs and provide necessary guidelines for selecting the most suitable design depending on the application. Practical aspects of two- and three-dimensional imaging have been discussed and NMR images of several intact systems have been presented. Experimental methods which enable slice selection in the presence of chemically shifted species and two-dimensional chemical shift resolved imaging have "been described and illustrated using phantoms. The use of three-dimensional chemical shift resolved imaging as a potential method to map the pH and temperature distribution within an object has also been demonstrated. A preliminary investigation of the application of ³¹P NMR spectroscopy to study the biochemical transformations of the rat kidney during periods of ischemia and reperfusion has been presented.

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