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Unconventional photoelectron spectroscopic studies : PES of some transient species and reactive molecules Lee, Shuit-Tong


A fast pumping, versatile photoelectron spectrometer suitable for the study of transient species and reactive molecules has been designed, constructed and tested. The photoelectron spectra of seventeen such compounds (CS, SO, S₂O, HN=NH, DN=MD, CH₃N = NH, HCP, OCSe, SCSe, CSe₂> O₃, FNO, CINO, BrNO, HMO₃, C1MO₂ and FNO₂) have been obtained. The individual spectra have been assigned by using information supplied from vibrational analysis, by comparison with molecular orbital calculations and with related molecules. The experimental Franck-Condon factors have been utilized to estimate the geometries of the ionic states, and the procedure has been found to be quite reliable. The study has shown the potential of photoelectron spectroscopy in providing information on the electronic structure of transient species and reactive molecules, information that is difficult to obtain by other spectroscopic techniques.

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