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Non-medical applications of imaging techniques : multi-dimensional NMR imaging Rajanayagam, Vasanthakumar


The work described in this thesis concentrates on two aspects of Proton NMR imaging: development and evaluation of new/old experimental sequences and application of those techniques to study some non-medical systems that are of industrial importance. Two-dimensional Fourier transform spin warp imaging technique has been evaluated. Importantly, the adaptation of a conventional high resolution spectrometer to perform imaging has been demonstrated with means of "phantoms". This includes calibration of magnetic field gradients, mapping the static magnetic field and radiofrequency field distributions and intensity measurements related to proton spin densities. In addition, a preliminary study describes microscopic imaging of glass capillary tube phantoms containing water. Several different sequences related to Chemical Shift imaging including the one developed during the study have been described. A brief insight into chemical shift artifacts as well as some experimental methods of minimizing some of them have also been presented. The potential of NMR imaging to study non-medical systems has been explored in three different areas of interest: Chromatography columns. Porous rock samples and Wood samples. A variety of NMR imaging sequences have been used to study some interesting and challenging features of these systems which clearly extends the scope of NMR imaging science.

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