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Effect of transverse vibration upon the rate of sublimation from horizontal cylinders Sugano, Yuzuru


The effect of vibration upon the rate of sublimation from horizontal circular cylinders has been studied previously in several investigations. However, no satisfactory overall correlation has been obtained up to the present time. In the present investigation, data have been obtained for mass transfer from naphthalene to air and phenol to air for horizontal cylinders vibrated vertically over a wide range of Reynolds number. It is shown that these data and the data of all previous investigations, including liquid systems, lie on or near a single smooth curve provided that an appropriate system of coordinates is selected. Further, for high Reynolds number and high Schmidt number, the data approach the theoretical equation of Jameson derived using boundary-layer theory. The author has found that the mass transfer coefficient for sublimation can be increased by a factor of 30 over that which prevails for the stationary (non-vibrating) case. For mass transfer to gaseous media only, the following correlation is proposed, having an average deviation of ±17 % : Sh = 0.261 Sc¹/³Revº•⁷¹⁷( H/d )º•²³³ This equation is believed to be valid over the following range of the variables: Diameter: 0.07 - 1.1 cm Frequency: 100 - 7000 RPM Amplitude (double): 0.05 - 4.0 cm Vibrational Reynolds number: 9 - 2000 Ratio of amplitude to diameter: 0.2 - 5.7

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