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Direct contact heat transfer between two immiscible liquids during vaporization Prakash, Chandra Bhanu


A single-drop study using motion picture photography was used to predict the heat transfer with a change of phase (vaporization) between two immiscible liquids. In all, three systems were studied using furan, isopentane, and cyclopentane as the dispersed phase liquids and distilled water as the continuous phase liquid. The correlation which predicted the overall heat transfer coefficient for all the three systems was Nu = 0. 0505 (Pe') [formula omitted], where the Nusselt number and the modified Peclet number were based on the dispersed phase liquid properties. This correlation was developed from the experimental data only up to ten percent evaporation and was not found to hold well for the total evaporation range, when the total evaporation time from this correlation was compared with that obtained by a dilatometric method. Individual equations for each system, however, gave good agreement between experimental and theoretical total evaporation time. The average rate of heat transfer for all the three systems is given by the equation, [formula omitted] where 'C' is a constant which is different for each system.

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