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Influence of constant enthalpy on broiler growth rate Kennedy, Brian James


An experiment was designed to test the hypothesis that enthalpy could be used as an indicator of the suitability of the environment for growing poultry. Growth-rates and body weights of the birds were used as a measure of their performance under different enthalpy conditions. The experiment tested three enthalpy treatments, ranging from 29.3 to 33.3 BTU/lb of air, each treatment being replicated three times. Male University of British Columbia New Hampshire chickens from nine hatches (120 birds per hatch) were used. They were grown from hatch to seven weeks of age in three groups. Two of the groups were raised from hatch to three weeks of age in controlled environment brooders. The third group was raised in a non-controlled environment in a floor pen, and used as a check or control group. The results of the analyses indicated that further study would be necessary before enthalpies in the range studied could be used to predict environmental conditions for poultry.

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