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Design, construction, and operation of a piston type sampler for a liquid-liquid extraction spray column Hawrelak, Richard Alan


A piston type of sampler was designed and constructed to sample the dispersed phase of a spray liquid-liquid extraction tower. The aim was to check a previous method of sampling the dispersed phase. This method depended on the use of a long probe which descended into the column from above and through which samples were removed by suction. Calculated values of the dispersed phase concentration using the piston type sampler were found to be generally lower than the corresponding concentrations using the dispersed phase probe. The system studied was methyl isobutyl ketone (the dispersed phase)-acetic acid (the solute) - water (the continuous phase). The solute was transfered from the aqueous phase, which was saturated with methyl isobutyl ketone, to the organic phase, which was saturated with water. Mass transfer data were gathered for this system in a 1.5-in. I.D. column which was approximately 7.3-ft. in height.

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