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Some measurements of heat transfer to air flowing parallel to a tube bundle in square array Chandrasekharan, Kuppanna


Heat transfer measurements were made in a heat exchanger where air flows parallel to an unbaffled tube bundle and where steam is condensing inside the tubes. The tubes were one-inch outside diameter and were arranged in a square lattice with one-inch clearance between adjacent tubes. The Reynolds Number range covered in this investigation was 630 - 8220. Pseudo-j(h)-factors have been calculated for the air film in the central unit cell and are presented along with the results of Miller et al and Inayatov and Mikeev, who worked with other lattice arrangements. The present data are insufficiently numerous and too unreliable for empirical correlation, but they do show a trend which is consistent with the work of the above investigators. The temperature measurements showed an apparent dissymmetry inside the shell of the heat exchanger, and suggestions are made for the improvement of these measurements for more dependable results. Further work that can be done, using the present set-up with slight modifications, is also cited.

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