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Drop size distribution in a liquid-spray extraction column Rocchini, Roland Jean


A study of drop size distribution was carried out in a spray column by photographing the drops either through a round column or through a short square column inserted into the round column. A close-up photography technique was used and optical distortion of the round column taken into account. The drops were assumed to be oblate spheroids and a preliminary study of drop shape was undertaken to find the limitations of the oblate spheroid hypothesis. Drop size frequency distribution curves were drawn up at start-up and steady-state conditions and for one set of flow rates. The distribution was analysed in terms of the shape of the curves, mean values with confidence limits and spread of values. Volume-surface diameters were calcu-lated, leading to the determination of interfacial area of contact between the two phases and the calculation of mass transfer coefficients without an included area factor. Throughout the work the drops were treated in terms of spheres of equal volume and the bulk of the calculations was carried out on a digital computer.

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