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The thermal conductivity of some higher hydrocarbons Kolke, Oscar Ernest


The usual Bridgman cell for measurement of thermal conductivity has been modified to allow but a minimum of conduction. The film thickness for liquids used is approximately 0.045 cm., and hence a very small sample will suffice for measurement. Differential thermocouples were used for determining the temperature drop. Most of the heat losses in the metal contact have been prevented by a needle mounting. Measurements have been carried out on the four single-chain saturated aliphatic hydrocarbons C₂₂ H₄₆, C₂₆ H₅₄, C₃₀ H₆₂ and C₃₄ H₇₀ over a range of temperatures above their melting points. The thermal conductivities tend to increase with increasing molecular weight and with decreasing temperature.

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