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System for the automatic sensing and recording of a greenhouse environment using moving sensors von Beckmann, Joerg Walter


One of the major problems encountered in collecting data for use in analysing the internal environment of a greenhouse is the time required to read and record the many environmental parameters. This problem severely restricts the analysis of factors affecting the environment by limiting the number of locations that can be conveniently sampled and the frequency with which each location can be sampled. The time and cost factors also limit the number of parameters which can be measured at each location. A sensor module has been developed which will automatically measure environmental parameters at any number of pre-determined points along a fixed track. The module is capable of sampling 15 variables at a single location and transmitting via one cable all 15 signals for interpretation by a main decoding and recording station. The module is capable of automatically making 10 stops and measuring 15 parameters at each stop in about 10 minutes; a task which is very time consuming or expensive by other methods.

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