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Continuous gas chromatography Wong, Ho Yew


A theoretical model of continuous gas chromatography using one disk rotating on top of a stationary plate is described. A disk chromatograph was designed and built. Experimental results obtained with this apparatus are reported. Both flexible disks and solid disks with springy -supports were used. The flexible disks were found to be unsuitable. Reproducible chromatographic peaks were obtained using the solid disks with air as the carrier gas and either helium or natural gas as the sample. The angular position of the peak was found to increase with the disk diameter and with the height of the hub to which the rotating disk was mounted. For a given disk diameter and a given hub position, the angular position of the peak (θ) could be fitted by the following equations: (1) θ = k₁ω a (2) θ = k3 [formula omitted] where ω is the speed of rotation, V is the volumetric flowrate of the carrier gas, a and k₁ are constants for a given V, and b and k₃ are constants for a given ω. Attempts to achieve chromatographic separations of hydrocarbon mixtures did not succeed.

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