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Thermodynamic properties of normal propanol. Speers, Edward Albert


Pressure-Volume-Temperature measurements and heats of vaporization, heat capacity, and spectroscopic data for n-propanol have been critically compiled and used as a basis for calculating further thermodynamic relationships by standard methods. These are presented in tables of specific volume, enthalpy, and entropy given as functions of temperature and pressure for the saturated liquid, saturated vapor and superheated vapor for temperature and pressure ranges of 32°F to 527.6°F, and 0.0667 psia to 800 psia, respectively. Pressure-enthalpy and Temperature-entropy diagrams for the two-phase and superheated regions are presented. Entropy and Enthalpy values over the saturated liquid, saturated vapor and superheated vapor states are based on zero value reference points at 32°F and 0.0667 psia (the corresponding vapor pressure) for the saturated liquid state. The properties calculated refer to apparent values for the equilibrium mixtures of associated and nan-associated molecules.

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