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The determination of the solubility of solid Trans decahydronaphthalene in liquid sulphur dioxide in the temperature range -40.0 [degrees] to -70.0 [degrees] Darling, Peter Atwood


The problem is to determine the solubility of solid trans decahydro-naphthalene in liquid sulphur dioxide in the temperature range -4-0.0° to -70.0°. Factors affecting the solubility determinations are discussed in detail. Particular emphasis is placed on the design, construction, and operation of the precision cryostat and the auxiliary equipment, and on the safety precautions which must be taken. The experimental data is presented along with a sample calculation to show how the data was treated before the solubility graph was plotted. (Since the solubility relationship should be approximately linear in this temperature range, the "best-fitting" line (calculated by the method of least squares) was included in the plot of solubility versus temperature.

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