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Dielectric properties of decalin and n.Butanol Butters, Robert


The dielectric constant of cis and trans decahydro-naphthalene was measured by the bridge method for the temperature range 20°C. to 80°C. and was found to be for the cis compound: є cis = 2.178 – 0.0012 (T-20) and for the trans isomer: є trans = 2.154 – 0.31 (T-20) Similarly for n Butanol between 20°C and 40°C. єC₄H₁₀0 = 26.2 – 0.31 (T-20). The dielectric constant standards from which the apparatus was calibrated were air and benzene. The decalin was purified by multiple vacuum distillation followed by repeated crystallizations. The butanol was purified by washings and distillations. The dielectric loss factor of decalin was measured at room temperature for 60 to 100 Mc. by means of a Q meter.

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