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Microwave drying of resin impregnated paper Minami, Shusuke


A pilot scale machine was designed and constructed to allow study of the continuous microwave drying at 2.45 GHz of paper impregnated with water or with phenol formaldehyde resin. This equipment could deliver microwave power at levels up 2.90 KW. Resin impregnated paper dried by microwaves showed better resin distribution, abrasion resistance, and internal bond strength when compared to similar papers dried in a hot air natural convection oven. No significant differences in tensile strength, stretch, Young's modulus, or bending strength were observed. A quantitative method for the determination of resin distribution was devised. Overall efficiencies for the microwave drying based on power input to the microwave power supply were of the order of 50 to 70%.

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