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Studies in the spouting of mixed particle size beds Reddy, Kandula Venkata Subba


Correlations of minimum spouting velocity, with one or two exceptions, have been reported only for particles of uniform size. If spouting techniques are to be applied to fluid-solid contacting operations other than the drying of grains, the effect of particle size distribution must also be known. In this work, spouting characteristics of a variety of materials over wide and narrow particle size distributions have been studied in a 6-inch diameter column fitted with a 60° conical bottom. Air inlets used were of a special design which resulted in improved spoutability of materials and inlet orifice varied in size from 3/8-inch to 3/4-inch. Mean particle diameters were varied from 0.0134 to 0.10U inches, solids density from 65.8 to 246.3 lb.[subscript]m/ft.3 and static bed heights from 7.5 to 40 inches. The minimum spouting- velocity for all the runs has been correlated to within ± 10% by using the arithmetic mean Tyler screen size for individual fractions of particulate materials] by assuming a geometric mean particle diameter as the characteristic diameter for individual grains of granular material and the length mean diameter as the representative diameter for mixtures of all materials. Some qualitative measurements of solids attrition rates were also made.

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