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The thermal conductivities of some hydrocarbons Levelton, Bruce H.


The Bates Calorimeter for measuring the heat conductivities of hydrocarbons was partially reconstructed so as to diminish the heat loss through the walls of the iron container. This was done by imbedding some nichrome wire heating elements in the insulating materials just outside iron wall. The current sent through this coil was so controlled as to reduce the heat loss from the liquid at this point. A series of measurements on several hydrocarbons gave the results below. Trans decahydronaphthalene k₃₅ = 0.001155 Cis k₃₅ = 0.001178 N decane k₃₅ = 0.000652 N dodecane k₃₅ = 0.000654 N tetradecane k₃₅ = 0.000650 N hexadecane k₃₅ = 0.000650

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