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Liquid-liquid extraction in a spray column Rai Choudhury, Prosenjit


A study was made on the back mixing or circulation in the continuous phase of a spray type liquid-liquid extraction tower. Concentration profiles of both continuous and dispersed phases were obtained by internal sampling. Mass transfer data are presented for the transfer of acetic acid between water and methyl isobutyl ketone in the 1.5-in. I.D. columns of three different heights. Considerable circulation in the continuous water phase was observed which resulted in the reduction of the driving force for mass transfer. A driving force correction factor, F(m), was obtained from the H.T.U. data using a simplified picture of behaviour at the interface. The height of the tower did not seem to have any effect on F(m). The overall H.T.U. values, obtained from the experimental profiles, were correlated with the flow rates. The end effect due to the agitation and coalescence of the drops at the interface was measured. This end effect was correlated with the overall capacity coefficients and the dispersed phase flow rates.

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