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Kinetics of production of acetylene from methane. Leon, Humberto J


The pyrolysis of methane diluted with nitrogen at 1200°C and 1.00 atm total pressure was investigated in a flow reactor made of alundum. The reaction is unaffected by a carbon surface but slightly catalyzed by an alundum surface. The initial rate of decomposition of methane is governed by -(dPCH₄/dt) = 5.7 PoCH₄ (atm/sec) for partial pressures ranging from 0.100 to 0.672 atm. The experimental pressure-time curves for methane up to 0.70 atm, acetylene up to 0.010 atm, hydrogen up to 0.30 atm, and time up to 0.05 sec were reproduced by the following equations: [ Formulas omitted ] An autocatalytic effect of acetylene, represented by the empirical equation (dPC₂H₂/dt )= (0.00586)(32.3) PCH₄ + [32.3 - 4.80(1+PoCH₄)]PC₂H₂ was observed in the initial stages of the reaction.

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