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Characterization of electrostatic charges in gas-solid fluidized beds Mehrani, Poupak


A novel on-line measurement technique was developed in this work based on the Faraday cup method by constructing a copper fluidization column of diameter 0.1 m as the inner cup and a second surrounding copper column as the outer cup to gain better understanding of charge generation inside gas-solid fluidized beds. Net charges generated inside fluidized beds were investigated for relatively large glass beads (566 p.m mean diameter) fluidized by extra dry air. It was concluded that particle-gas contacting had negligible effect on the particle charging mechanism for the conditions studied. Also, air ionization is expected to have played a negligible role with respect to dissipation of charges on the particles. Free bubbling fluidization of mono-sized and binary mixtures of particles consisting of relatively large glass beads (566 urn mean diameter) and fine glass beads (30 urn mean diameter) showed that the net charges generated inside the fluidized bed were caused by entrained charged fine particles from the fluidization column. The effect of adding different varieties of fine (

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