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Solids circulation rate measurement in a circulating fluidized bed Burkell, James J.


This thesis documents the investigation of three methods of determining solids fluxes in a circulating fluidized bed (CFB). An impact flowmeter used the force of the recirculating particles striking a pan which spanned the diameter of the return column to measure solids circulation rates. A modified orifice, with a conical entrance section, used the additional pressure differential resulting from solids flowing counter-currently to gas to determine solids fluxes. The third method used the velocities of particles travelling through the vertical section of an L-valve to determine solids circulation rates. The results obtained in this work show that the impact flowmeter and the method utilizing L-valve particle velocities are viable methods of measuring solids fluxes in a CFB. However, further research is required before these methods can be confidently used. The modified orifice, as studied, was not sensitive enough to sense solids circulation. However, the meter may offer potential if studied with co-current gas solids flow.

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