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Microwave and convective drying of potato slices Bouraoui, Moez Mohamed


Potato slices were dried using microwave drying, combined microwave and convective drying, and convective drying. Drying conditions included several slice thicknesses, power levels and air temperatures. The profiles of temperature, moisture content and relative humidity, as well as shrinkage data were generated. Dried products were rehydrated and rehydration kinetics were determined. In this study, drying characteristics of the different drying methods are discussed and microwave drying is compared with convective drying. Microwave drying has a potential for producing better quality dried products while reducing considerably drying duration. In addition, moisture diffusivity profiles were calculated by solving Fick's diffusion model using the solution proposed by Crank (1975). Multiple regression analysis shows that calculated diffusivity correlates well with the internal temperature and moisture content of the product.

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