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Design of decoupling control and time-delay compensation for a CFSTR Chen, Liang


This thesis is concerned with the design of a decoupling compensator and a time-delay compensator for a nonisothermal continuous flow stirred tank reactor (CFSTR). An expression for the analysis of interaction of the two-variable CFSTR was theoretically derived by using the relative gain method (RGM). For the purpose of improving the stability of the decoupling control system, undercompensation for a decoupled CFSTR system was suggested and the robustness test of such undercompensation decoupler to the modelling error was studied. On the other hand, the proposed time-delay compensation method, unlike conventional Smith's scheme, can rely on the basic property of gain-invariant time-delay. The stability of this time-delay compensation method is not affected by the CFSTR control system time-variant time-delay, while its compensation structure has the same features as the Smith compensator. The design of a decoupler and that of a time-delay compensator are independent of each other. All compensation structures are physically realizable. The theoretical results are supported by simulation. Simulation results for a CFSTR demonstrate that the undercompensation decoupling control can tolerate a relatively wide modelling error and reduce the sensitivity of the CFSTR process to parameter variations and unwanted disturbances. Also, simulation results show that the proposed time-delay compensator can provide an improvement over the conventional Smith compensator.

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