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Simulation of the kinetics of an SBR for animal wastewater treatment Jung, Jinki


A mathematical model for SBR(Sequencing Batch Reactors) system treating swine wastewater is developed and a non-linear method and a linear method to estimate the kinetic coefficients, µm, Ks and kd, are compared. The coefficients determined by the non-linear method appeared to better fit the experimentally observed data. Based on the proposed model and the kinetic coefficients estimated by the non-linear method, a computer simulation is performed. The assumption of constant biomass in the fill period and the react period for the determination of kinetic coefficients is valid for the simulation of COD and biomass. The effects of changes in the yield factor, Y, on the efficiency of COD removal and biomass change were examined. Sensitivity analysis demonstrates that COD removal is more sensitive to the change of Yield factor than the biomass change. The effect of idle period on the system performance must be considered in modeling of biomass change when idle period is considerably long to improve the accuracy of the model.

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