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Analysis and interpretation of faunal remains from a complex site in the Fraser-Delta region of British Columbia : Glenrose Cannery, DgRr 6 Imamoto, Shirley Sumie


The Glenrose Cannery Site, DgRr 6, is a deep, multi-component located in the Fraser-Delta Region of British Columbia. This paper presents the analysis of the faunal remains recovered by excavation from the site during the 1972 and 1973 summer field seasons. Faunal analysis has had little place in archaeological site reports of the Northwest Coast and has certainly been underestimated as a source of information on subsistence and subsistence-related activities. The faunal remains from the Glenrose Site were analysed using different methods including determination of minimum number of individuals, live weight, and amounts of usable meat. Seasonality of occupation was determined and environmental and cultural reconstructions were attempted with with particular regard to subsistence and subsistence-related activities. Changes in subsistence activities were discerned for the three major occupations represented in the site. The problems in faunal analysis were discussed. More work must be done with faunal remains in order that maximum amounts of information can be obtained to relate to other analyses of a site's excavated materials.

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