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Hypnosis : an effective intervention for migraine headaches Munch, Rod J.


The general distribution of the headache worldwide, its widespread occurrence, and its frequency of incidence is well documented. It is a disorder that often goes unreported with pharmaceutical intervention being the most commonly applied remedy. The National Migraine Foundation estimates that 42 million Americans suffer from headaches. Of these 8 to 12 million Americans are afflicted by the migraine headache. This study examined the effectiveness of hypnotherapy as an intervention for migraines. It was a single case holistic study in which a 23 year old female migraineur provided the single unit of analysis. Assessments of self concept; stress; headache frequency, duration, and intensity; and consumption of pharmacological substances were made prior to treatment, during treatment, and following treatment. The therapy consisted of eight sessions over 2 1/2 weeks and consisted of a relaxation induction and guided imagery of control of physiological responses. An audiotape of the hypnotherapy intervention was also used on a dally basis by the client. Results from post therapy and follow-up tests confirmed the treatment was effective. This was maintained at the one and two month follow-ups.

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