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Faculty development in British Columbia Community Colleges Garneau, J. E. Paul


This thesis was an attempt to better understand what it would take for faculty development decision makers to promote faculty vitality more effectively in British Columbia community colleges. First, it was necessary to examine governmental expectations and objectives for the entire system. Next, a review of the complex terminology used to describe multiple aspects of faculty development was presented. This was followed by an extensive review of the literature on the subject, going back to its early development through to the year 1992. This review revealed the existence of considerable diversity throughout the field. In an effort to somewhat rationalize what faculty development pursuits had come to, a comprehensive model was developed and put to the test with a sampling of decision makers employed at two-year institutions. The model served as a base for the development of an integrated questionnaire which featured an elaborated checklist of potential faculty development activities. Respondents were asked to provide strategic as well as operational information as it related to the developmental needs of regular full-time faculty members. The study's inductive findings supported the model well, enabling an analysis of its implications regarding theory, research, and practice.

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