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Home Economics programs in Oyo state secondary schools Owolabi, Elizabeth Aina


The purpose of this study was to identify the curricula emphases of home economics in Oyo state secondary schools, and to analyze the relationship between subject matter emphasis and selected aspects about teaching and the teacher. Sixty-two home economics teachers in Oyo state, Nigeria, responded to a mailed survey asking them to indicate the degree of emphasis given to 50 topics in five subject matter areas of home economics: Human Development and the Family, Home Management and Family Economics, Foods and Nutrition, Textiles and Clothing, and Housing. The most taught subject matter area was Foods and Nutrition followed by Home Management and Family Economics, Textiles and Clothing, Human Development and the Family, and Housing. A similar rank order was observed for subject matter competence and for preference for teaching subject matter. Scores on the topics within each subject matter area, however, indicated that all of these topics and the subject matter areas were moderately emphasized in the curriculum. The philosophical views of home economics as homemaking education; home economics as household management and home economics as cooking and sewing exist concurrently. Multiple regression analysis was used to examine the relationship between the above five subject matter areas and selected aspects about teaching and the teacher. The results of the multiple regression analysis indicated no significant relationship. Some of the problems facing home economics as a subject in the secondary schools were lack of laboratory space, equipment, finance, and shortage of home economics teachers. Collaborative curriculum development and local co-operative responses may offer the means to overcome the shortage of resources for programs in specific locales. Further research in the form of case studies of successful home economics programs could be informative in understanding better the necessary components which should be fostered in strengthening home economics programs.

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