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Development and application of a methodology for evaluating adult basic education projects Harvey, Sheldon Robert


In British Columbia, adult basic education (ABE) has evolved into a significant program area on the verge of gaining acceptance as a legitimate and important part of the public education system. If the resources currently committed to these programs are to be solidified and increased, it is imperative the present program impact be measured, the needs, resources, processes and outcomes be articulated and the benefits of increased programming be predicted. This is best accomplished through effective use of program evaluation. The field of program evaluation is characterized by a lack of well developed theory, a series of complex models, an absence of methodology and an abundance of designs and checklists which are not tied to a sound theory or model. The purpose of this study was threefold. Firstly, it reviewed the extant models and methodologies for the evaluation of adult education programs. Secondly, a methodology for evaluating innovative, ABE programs was developed. Finally, the methodology was used to guide an evaluation of an adult basic education project conducted by a British Columbia college, evaluated accomplished few of methodology provided a useful guide the evaluation process. While the project being its stated objectives, the and flexible structure to It is hoped that this methodology will be field tested on a variety of ABE programs and that additional research will result in an even more sophisticated methodology designed to strengthen the ties between the best theories and models and the field of practice.

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