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The child’s influence on parental purchase patterns for breakfast foods Fisher, Dorothy


This study was conducted to examine the effectiveness the preschool child in stimulating a behavior change within the parent(s) with respect to food purchase patterns and choices offered to the child. One hundred and three families associated with six nursery schools located within the Simon Fraser Health Unit were involved in the study. The nursery schools were randomly assigned to one of three experimental conditions: the control group whose children carried on with routine nursery school activities, the transfer materials group whose children received nutrition pamphlets and the treatment group who in addition to receiving nutrition pamphlets also participated in an activity oriented breakfast program over the course of four weeks. Following the four week period the parents of all children received a questionnaire which was brought home by the child and returned anonymously by the parent to the nursery school. A response rate of 89 percent was obtained. The questionnaire used in the study examined two aspects of parental behavior: the food purchase patterns and those patterns centering around the types of foods offered to the preschool child at breakfast.

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