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Life review and the institutionalized elderly Gurm, Balbir Kaur


Using a pre- and post-test design with both experimental and control groups, the research was conducted to see if life review improved the independence, depression, and integrated functioning of the institutionalized elderly. The elderly on the long term care unit of an acute care hospital waiting to be placed in a long term care facility were studied using a pre- and post-test design. Patients who were not depressed and could communicate in English were included in the study. They were randomly assigned to the experimental and control groups when possible. Patients in the experimental groups attended eight life review sessions over a four week period while the control groups carried on with the usual activities on the unit. Three scales, the Geriatric Depression Scale, Activities of Daily Living Evaluation Form, and the Geriatric Rating Scale were administered before the four week period and after. Data was also collected during the sessions on group process using the Group Process Observational Checklist on the experimental groups. Demographic data was collected on all the patients in the study. It was found that the experimental group did become more independent, integrated and less depressed. This study indicated that life review is beneficial for the institutionalized elderly but, it could not show exactly what variables in the life review process contributed to these positive results. Replication studies are needed to validate these findings.

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