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A matter of time : the lived experience of re/entering mothers in nursing education Liversidge, Sharon Elaine


This study explored the lived experience of re/ehtering mothers who were entering baccalaureate nursing education for their first registered nursing credential. These re/entering women were either reentering higher education or entering for the first time. The participants in this study were mothers of 1 to 3 children. In-depth personal interviews and a focus group session were conducted with 5 re/entering mothers aged 28 - 45 years who were enrolled in the second year of nursing education in a community college setting. Analysis revealed five major themes that were incorporated into a narrative that reflected their lived experience as a multiple role learner in nursing education: time as a scarce resource, a personal need to achieve, feelings of guilt related to not "being there" for their children, re/entering women as the family organizer and their positive perception of their multiple role status. The voices of these women are heard in their stories that are interwoven throughout the narrative. The findings from this study suggest ways in which institutions of higher education might assist and support re/entering mothers and recommend this group of women as a target population for recruitment into nursing.

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