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Philosophy of philosophical counselling Raabe, Peter Bruno


This dissertation critiques both the existing theoretical conceptions of philosophical counselling and accounts of its practice. It also compares philosophical counselling with psychotherapy in order to point out the fallacy of the argument that philosophical counselling is radically removed from all forms of psychotherapy. It then presents and defends a four-stage model of philosophical counselling that captures the best conceptions and reports of practice, one that is more comprehensive, more positive (as opposed to the more common characterization of what it is not) more explicit, and more definitive in its conceptualization than any that have been offered in the philosophical counselling literature thus far. Furthermore, this model addresses more of the actual needs of potential clients as they are highlighted in descriptive accounts and case studies, and conforms more closely to justifiable normative criteria of what ought to constitute practice in philosophical counselling than any of the currently existing models. The final chapter highlights those areas in which philosophical counselling is superior to the approaches found in psychotherapy, and explores the benefits of philosophical counselling over other forms of counselling.

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