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Important outcomes of success : a team building program Pachal, Janet Mary


There is little information about how the criteria or outcomes used to judge a program varies between stakeholders. When organizational development initiatives such as team building programs are designed, the expected results or outcomes are often pre-determined by those responsible for the programs. Consequently, the views of individuals directly affected by the initiative are often not considered. Therefore, the intent of this study is to determine which outcomes males and females at various positions within an organization identify as most important in judging the success of a team building program. A questionnaire was distributed to a sample of individuals employed at a large public sector organization. From the results it was determined that the outcomes both employees and managers consider important include increasing trust and support in supervisors, improving communication and working relationships between co-workers and increasing leadership/management effectiveness. In terms of differences in important outcomes, the male managers place importance on outcomes related to increasing productivity, female managers value improving culture, male employees are interested in increasing job satisfaction and female employees are interested in improved respect from co-workers. By being aware of all of the outcomes various individuals consider important in judging the success of a program, senior officials and program managers can adapt initiatives that better meet the needs of the individuals within the organization.

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