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Florence O'Neill, a Newfoundland adult educator : alone in the wilderness McManus, Katherine Anne


Florence O'Neill (1905-1990) played an important role as an adult educator in Newfoundland. Using her extraordinary ability to lead others and her unrelenting energy she dedicated her adult life to the field of adult education. O'Neill, in 1944, was the first person to earn a doctoral degree in adult education in what is now Canada. Later, as an administrator in the Department of Adult Education in the Newfoundland government, O'Neill sought to implement her vision of an integrated system for providing adult education programs to the people of Newfoundland. She developed that vision through the writing of her doctoral thesis entitled: "A Plan for the Development of an Adult Education Program for Rural Newfoundland." O'Neill's personal struggle to become educated and later her struggles to see her "Plan" implemented adds to the body of knowledge about adult education in Newfoundland at an embryonic time in its development and to the knowledge of the field of adult education in general.

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