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Whiney student teachers : an outside perspective Mitchell, Lindsay C.


Data suggests that student teachers at a major Canadian university, when in conflict with their faculty, tend to seek third party intervention in greater numbers than both their colleagues in other academic units at that university, and their counterparts in teacher education programs elsewhere. What does this mean? Is this particular teacher education program troubled, or are its student teachers simply more troublesome? These intentionally provocative questions frame the inquiry undertaken here. The situation, captured at the focal point of conflict - the "complaint department," is presented within the context of a large and venerable institution being called to account for its activites by a relatively small and, for all intents and purposes, insignificant group of individuals. Whiney Student Teachers strives to present a fair and balanced analysis from the perspective of the "complaint handler." It is intended not to point fingers, criticize, blame, or otherwise suggest how teacher education "ought" to be conducted, but to enhance empathy among participants, and to promote positive opportunities for adult learning.

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