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Community-based art making : examining the experience of the artist, participants, and audience in the normalizing extended breastfeeding project Tien, Laurel Anne


The purpose of this research was to investigate the experience of a specific collaborative art making project for the participants, audience and myself, as the artist. The research, consisting of two overlapping phases, was conducted using a series of descriptive case studies. Phase one of the study consisted of the art project itself. Phase two examined the experience of the women involved in the project, the 'audience' of the work, and myself as the artist. Insights into the experience of community-based art making projects suggest important implications. Themes included the notion of mothering as a political act and the realization that art making outside of the cultural norm is expensive, undervalued and requires extensive networking skills. Because this form of art making has not been traditionally valued, there is a paucity of related research describing the impact of this genre of art making on those involved. This thesis is built upon the belief that examining these experiences will both celebrate community-based art making and facilitate dialogue that may encourage and validate this type of work, ultimately to be able to enhance artistic practice in art education and to facilitate art education curricula that incorporate community-based art making practice.

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