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A case study of an elementary generalist teacher's trial implementation of an art curriculum guide Wilson, Wendy Elizabeth


This study addresses the problem of how an elementary generalist teacher implements unfamiliar material, in this case a draft art curriculum, when provided with assistance from the researcher in the role of consultant. The following question was posed: To what extent are the following factors affecting implementation as outlined by Fullan (1982), evident in the implementation of a draft art curriculum guide by a generalist teacher: characteristics of the change, characteristics at the school district level, characteristics at the school level and characteristics external to the local system A review of literature undertaken on the status of art education reveals a scarcity of information providing a descriptive data base about current art teaching practices in Canada today, and reveals a discrepancy between theory and practice in art teaching. Carefully planned curriculum implementation was cited as one way to effect positive changes in art teaching. A review of literature also undertaken of the factors affecting implementation of new material in classrooms focused on the four areas cited above by Fullan (1982). The research involved a case study and field testing of materials with a Grade 4/5 elementary generalist teacher. Data collection included observation, interviewing and document analysis as part of an individualized research method using many of the techniques associated with participant observation, naturalistic observation, and ethnography. Fullan's (1982) factors affecting implementation were used to provide a structure from which the implementation and aspects of consultation provided could be analyzed. Some changes took place in regards to the teacher's use of the new curriculum and materials but there was not a significant implementation or change in teaching approaches, beliefs or use of new materials.

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