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"The war was a very vivid part of my life" : British Columbia school children and the Second World War Montgomery, Emilie L., 1961-


This thesis examines the influence of the Second World War on the lives of British Columbia school children. It employs a variety of primary and secondary sources, including interviews with adults who, during 1939-1945, attended school in British Columbia. War time news and propaganda through such means as newspaper, movies, newsreels and radio broadcasts permeated children's lives. War influenced the whole school curriculum and especially led to changes in Social Studies, Physical Education and Industrial Arts. The war also created a wide range of war-related extra curricular activities for children. War also altered the routine of childrens1 daily lives. Blackouts, air raid drills, rationing, prosperity, people in uniform, fear of invasion, and loved ones killed overseas all contributed to making life during the Second World War different from the eras that preceded and followed it.

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