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Assessing implementation of a Kodály music program Randall, Nancy Elisabeth


The purpose was to assess program-in-use, influences which shaped program-in-use and potential improvements. The case studied was the Kamloops School District Primary Kodaly program. The teachers' perspective was selected - those individuals who translated the intended program into practice - to research the following questions: 1. What is the program-in-use? 2. What facilitated shaping of this program-in-use? 3. What could further improve the implementation of this program-in-use? Three schools were selected to represent a two, four, and six year program- involvement. Interviews were conducted with eleven Kodaly teachers, three teachers who indicated limited or non-use, three school administrators, the Kamloops Koda'ly Program Developer and the Kamloops District Music Co-ordinator. Program development documents and teacher materials were also analyzed. Study findings indicated differing teacher perceptions, diverse programs-in-use and changes in concerns over time.

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