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Behind the Buckskin Curtain : aboriginal youth participation in spiritual ceremonies combined with drama activities Machelle, Beverley Anne


Behind the Buckskin Curtain looks at how spiritual ceremonies and drama activities impact Aboriginal youth's healing experience? This thesis is about an Aboriginal youth study that was conducted from April 9 - May 14, 2003. The study included youth between the ages of 19 - 25 who were living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Participants committed to get together once a week for six weeks at the Native Education Centre in the inner-city of Vancouver BC. This study was proposed to inquire into the spiritual needs of Aboriginal Youth in British Columbia. Specifically this study inquires into the participants regained healing through their use of spiritual ceremonies and drama activities. Chapters one to three discuss healing in the British Columbia Aboriginal community. Chapter four discusses the way in which the Aboriginal youth study unfolded. Chapter five and six look at the results and the conclusions, implications, and recommendations the study indicates. Aboriginal youth share with us what they have learned prior to the study about their spiritual lives and about how they have learned through their experience with spiritual ceremonies combined with drama activities. The results show that Aboriginal youth did gain healing through their participation in spiritual ceremonies combined with drama activities.

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