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The implementation of an art curriculum material : relationship between beliefs and practices Hutson, Sonia


This study addresses the need for research pertaining to the influence of teacher conception and situational factors in the implementation of art curriculum materials. The study yields insights about how three teachers beliefs shaped their opinions of the merits and shortcomings of the teacher's guide, Surface Probe, and how specific situational factors influenced their use of the material. Data collection methodology included questionnaires, interviews, teacher logs and on-site observations in an attempt to make explicit the perceptions of the participants and the situational setting of an art program as it was implemented over an eight week period. Data was documented in three teacher profiles which were organized around the following considerations: teacher conception of art, use of the material, factors that influenced use, and interpretation of the results. Findings were discussed as strengths and concerns of the material and factors that influenced implementation. This information was interpreted into guidelines for the development of art curriculum materials. It was found that the material could be adapted by teachers of varying levels of art background and teaching experience. The material offered sufficient student experiences in the productive domain, but suggestions for imagery development to enhance the production activities became an emerging issue with two of the teachers. In the synopsis of factors that influenced implementation it was concluded that teacher conception and background experience in art were primary points that needed to be considered in curriculum development. Points to consider in the development of art curriculum materials are outlined. I am indebted to Kathy, Liz, and John for the time they devoted to the implementation of Surface Probe. I also express my gratitude to Dr. Graeme Chalmers, Dr. Walter Werner, and Dr. Donald Wilson for their support and criticism.

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