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Aftermath of a summer art institute : a case study Kreuger, Barbara


The purpose of this research was to examine the impact of a University summer institute, and to determine whether the participants felt it had changed their ways of teaching art, brought them greater success or encouraged them to share ideas about art education. This research also examined what factors are necessary for creating change for teachers and questioned whether a University institute would be able to provide enough of those factors to induce change. An investigation of the literature in the area of curriculum change revealed that teachers require a great deal of support and an extensive amount of time for change to occur. A University course such as the Institute cannot provide much support or time. Through questionnaires, interviews, and additional information provided through a recall session conducted with the participants of the institute, it was possible to determine that for the majority of participants there was a perception that their art classes had undergone change and achieved greater success. For some of the participants the Institute had also caused them to share more information about art education with colleagues. For some, this change was extensive and for others less so but this study indicates that a University institute can make a significant contribution to effecting change for teachers.

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