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Toward an evidence-informed, theory-driven model for continuing medical education White, Marc I.


This thesis develops the basis for an evidence-informed, theory-driven educational model for planning, implementing and evaluating continuing medical education (CME). Using an historical and conceptual analysis the author argued current CME educational planning models, based on Tyler's Curriculum Model, failed to build a systematic body of knowledge to improve learning and teaching and are founded on historical, structural, organizational and pedagogical factors that arose from research and beliefs about learning prevalent at the turn of the twentieth century. Using a case study of a three-year province-wide, evidence-informed, multi-agency, comprehensive education program to enhance family and emergency physicians' knowledge and skills regarding the diagnosis and management of whiplash-associated disorders, the thesis demonstrates the feasibility and adaptability of using the PRECEDE-PROCEED Model for CME. The PRECEDEPROCEED Model is a community-oriented and epidemiological-based educational planning model that provides a systematic approach to identifying and organizing contextual factors influencing knowledge uptake and knowledge utilization. The case study provides a basis for modifying the PRECEDE-PROCEED Model as a tool for planning, implementing and evaluating CME programs. The changes are intended to assist CME planners in integrating behavioural and non-behaviour factors with theory and best practices in the actual "curriculum" or intervention-program design. In addition, the proposed modification to the PRECEDE-PROCEED Model adheres to the standards established by the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation as to what a comprehensive evaluation should address. Based on the case study, the thesis recommends a modification to the current PRECEDE-PROCEED model of health promotion that provides a clearer conceptual understanding of the structure, components and theoretical underpinnings of an emerging evidence-informed, theory-based curriculum model.

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