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Outdoor education : subtitle a dialogue between theory and practice and implementation suggestions for the Discovery 10 program at St. George’s School Piller, Neil


The field of outdoor education offers noble aims of making improvements in people's lives for the ultimate betterment of society (Hahn in Cousins, 2000). Yet, despite these lofty aims there is a general lack of clarity as to exactly what outcomes outdoor education is capable of achieving and by what processes these outcomes might be achieved. Drawing on personal experience and a review of the literature, a program design model is used to collate data in four areas: personal/interpersonal development; environmental awareness, ethics and stewardship; academic improvement; and the acquisition of outdoor skills and physical fitness. An analysis of this data provides program recommendations and suggestions for implementation. Specifically, this thesis examines the possibility of using the findings from theory and personal experience to inform the design of the Discovery 10 program at St. George's School. A number of factors relating to the transferability of findings to other programs are also considered.

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