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Line dancing : an atlas of geography curriculum and poetic possibilities Hurren, Wanda Jean


The words, legends, maps, post-cards, and poems within this study are an exploration of geography curriculum, poetics, and embodied knowledge. There are three main sections and a supplement to this atlas. The first section is an exploration of semiotic theory and the notion of poetics. I inquire into structures of signification, the relationship between our words and our worlds, and the spaces of possibility that relationship opens for the inclusion of embodied knowing. The second section of this atlas is an exploration of geography curriculum in British Columbia and Saskatchewan, and of recent developments within academic human geography writ large, regarding existing constructions of geography and poetics and embodied knowledge. An attention to language, writing, and embodied knowledge can be found within academic geography, yet these same concerns have not been considered within Canadian curricular geography. The third section of this atlas is an exploration of post-structural approaches to reading/writing, and poetic possibilities on a personal level. Within this section, poetic language is explored as a genre for facilitating embodied knowledge within geography curriculum. The supplement to the atlas is a part of the atlas that finishes the form, and was written in an interpretive, poetic, and playful spirit. The underlying premise of this research is that how we write the world affects and reflects in the same instant how we understand and live in the world (our words and worlds perform a mingling dance of signification); therefore, attending to how we graphy the geo is of curricular concern (especially if we consider that curriculum provides the medium for us to understand self and world). Transformation of geography curriculum, and an inclusion of embodied approaches to (re)writing the world of curriculum theory (and dissertations) are the aims of this research.

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